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What Is a Hex Nut?

Mar. 10, 2021

What Is a Hex Nut?

Hexagonal nut is a metal fastener with six sides. Most nuts are cut into hexagons, because hexagons seem to be the easiest shape to grasp. Nuts of any form are almost always used to fix a bolt to another object.

Although hex nuts are the most popular shape, there are many other types of nuts to choose from. Almost all nuts on the market have a specific purpose, although hex nuts can almost always be used in any situation. Although it is difficult to determine the exact historical moment when nuts were first used, historians can trace it back to a small factory in France.

The Besson factory began producing nuts in 1568. These nuts are often used to make sleds and carriages, although North America in the 1870s often made wing nuts for the same purpose by hand. Later, in 1818, Micah Rugg of Southington, Connecticut manufactured the first nut and bolt machine in North America.

Since the birth of the first nut, various manufacturers have been looking for ways to improve the nut and bolt system. Today, the hexagonal nut has more uses than any other type of nut because of its sheer versatility. Hexagonal nuts are generally made of steel and are specially cut with the help of a steel cutting machine. The whole process is relatively fast, and thousands of nuts can be produced within a few minutes.

Nuts can be made of steel, aluminum alloy, brass, and other materials, although steel hexagonal nuts are used more than any other type of nut. Each side of the nut is often coated with anti-rust material to prevent it from rusting. Nuts that have been rust-proof can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. This is very important because many nuts used in the 1800s and 1700s centuries cracked due to corrosion. Today, hex nuts may break due to wear, although this is very unlikely.

Those who wish to buy any type of hex nut will find that most hardware stores have this type of nut. Although some projects may require nuts of different sizes, almost all nuts can be easily found. Special nuts can be ordered online or from hardware stores.

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